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The Client-Controlled/Trader-Led Forex Platform 

OSMAI FX is a hands-off copy-trade service.  The key principles of OSMAI FX are that you remain in control and you only pay when your account grows.  In 2022 we beat every other meaningful trading index in the world with our returns.

Why Invest
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You Are In Control

We do not accept money from clients to be run by our trader. The trading account is owned by you. You can withdraw money at any time.

Clear & Transparent Reporting

All trades, P&L and the account balance can be viewed in real time. You receive a daily trading update from IC Markets with trade details and full P&L.

Availability Of Funds

All client funds are available for withdrawal as long as no trades are open. There is no lock in period and OSMAI FX does not charge fees to deposit or withdraw funds.

A Fair Fee Structure

We charge a success fee of 30% calculated only on profit and based on a high-water mark. If you do not make money, you do not pay a fee.

Track Record


*FTSE 100 (source kunaldesai)

**Property (source nationwide)

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“After years of investing in various different platforms I decided to give Forex trading ago. I generally struggle with trust issues when it comes to investing but when I got the call about Osmai FX it made my decision to invest simple.”


“One of the real benefits of Osmai FX is the low starting investment required. This allowed me to build confidence in the system prior to increasing my exposure.”


“My properties are managed by agents, and I was very pleased when the opportunity to invest in Forex trading without my having to be hands on every day is a real benefit to me.”


“I feel it is important to have a diversified investment portfolio. It seems that if there is a way to get into this market with an Expert investor controlling the investment, that would seem the sensible and logical way in. Osmai FX offers just that.”


“My experience to date has been a positive one and the ability to listen to Hal explaining what he does and why he does it was very useful.”


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Minimum Investment

The minimum investment is £2,000, or equivalent in your local currency.


Average leverage is 4/1 per trade.

Capital At Risk

Generally, 1-1.5% of invested funds per trade.

Stop Loss

A Stop Loss is used unless there is a valid reason not to, i.e,. where volatility is expected, and the trade is supervised.

Client Controlled

You are able to check your balance online whenever you wish. If you decide to withdraw funds you can do so at any time. IC Markets may charge a bank transfer fee to send funds.

Regular Updates

We send updates to all clients on a monthly basis.


Our trader does not “trade news”. He does not pursue strategies based on political or economic events. Instead, he uses tried and tested methods that deliver profits, more often than not, in a gradual and predictable way.

Daily Harmonic Patterns

A precise, mathematical trading method based on the premise that patterns in price movements repeat themselves and can be predicted.

Trend Retrace

A temporary price movement against an established trend. The trader will take the position that there will be a movement against the trend which will then continue as before.

Counter Trend

The trader takes a position inverse to the current price trend in the currency pair. It is commonly used when the trader has a high conviction that there is potential for a price reversal.


A strategy designed to profit from small price changes in a currency pair. Profits are taken quickly once a trade becomes profitable.

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Image by Markus Spiske


Your Trading Account

We do not hold client funds. Instead, you set up an account with IC Markets which allows you to connect your account to the master account, managed by our trader. The funds do not leave your account and you are free to withdraw them at any time.


IC Markets is the trading platform used by our trader and clients. It is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and was founded in 2007.  IC Markets holds client money in a segregated trust accounts with Westpac and National Australia Bank (NAB).

Onboarding Process

We will provide you with a link to open an account on IC Markets.  Once your account is open you will be presented with a Power of Attorney form to allow our trader to trade your account.

High Tech Data Center

OSMAI FX uses the NY4 Data Centre in New York along with Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Credit Suisse.  The centre has 24/7 support and full off-grid power back-up.

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Meet Your Trader - Hal Robb

Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 10.00.53.png

I’m Hal Robb. I have 15 years’ of experience trading Forex on behalf of my clients. I am confident in my funds’ performance, and as such only receive remuneration from clients when they are in profit. I also trade nearly my entire personal net worth and both of my children’s college funds as well as client funds. I look forward to also trading for you as an OSMAI FX client.

Prior to becoming a professional Forex Trader, I completed my studies at two top-tier universities, Cornell and Thunderbird (now a part of Arizona State University) with a special interest in International Business. I eventually became the President of a chain of retail stores in the United States and then ran a technology company that invented, developed, and brought innovative products to market via Costco, Boots, and others. My interest in innovation was rewarded with a United States Utility Patent which I hold jointly with my beloved father.

It was while running my technology business I learned how to hedge currency. I manufactured, distributed, and sold globally, so hedging invoices between currencies was a key activity in maintaining a profitable business. Back then I developed data-centric systems and approaches to hedging currency which continue to serve me and my clients well.

My focus (and the focus of my trading process) is to create income and equity growth for the medium and long-term. My approach is non-discretionary. My trading systems use a data centric approach which considers historic patterns and numbers. 

I take my responsibility to clients seriously and prefer to trade currency pairs that are not as impacted by extraneous events. My trading style is not based on going for big wins. I use mathematics to identify predictable patterns that tend to repeat themselves and use that insight to achieve excellent, yet predictable, gains.

I like to “get on base”. If you’re not familiar with baseball, that means I like to get on a range of small trades, and multiply those winning by consistently following processes and systems, that over time create growth for my clients.

I trade the London and New York sessions and I always make sure my server space is as close to the exchange as possible.  In 2012, I leased server space at the NY4 Data Center in New York used by Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.  It has 24/7 support and 72 hours diesel generator back-up if the electricity goes down!

Since I started trading for OSMAI FX in 2020, I have achieved an average of 18.21% for their clients.  Our performance has out-paced every other meaningful index or market in that time, a fact of which I am very proud.

I hope you find this information valuable and look forward to helping you grow your wealth.

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